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CSS min-width Property

Learn how to use the CSS min-width property.

CSS min-width Property

The CSS min-width property specifies the minimum width of an element.

The CSS min-width property prevents the value of the width property from becoming smaller than the min-width.


min-width: length;

length – specifies the width in px, %, etc (read also Units in CSS).


<!DOCTYPE html>
.example1, .example2 {
  background-color: #fed9b7; 
  display: inline-block; 

.example2 {
  min-width: 400px;

<h4>*no min-width specified</h4>
<span class="example1">This is a paragraph.</span>

<h4>min-width: 400px;</h4>
<span class="example2">This is a paragraph.</span>



*no min-width specified

This is a paragraph.

min-width: 400px;

This is a paragraph.

Enjoy coding!

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