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CSS word-spacing Property

Learn how to use the CSS word-spacing Property.

CSS word-spacing Property

The CSS word-spacing property increases or decreases the white space between words.



word-spacing: normal|length;

normal (default) – specifies normal space between words (0.25em).

length – specifies an additional space between words (in px, cm, etc). Read more about length units here.


<!DOCTYPE html>
.ex-1 { 
  word-spacing: normal;

.ex-2 { 
  word-spacing: 35px;

.ex-3 { 
  word-spacing: 1.2cm;

<h4>word-spacing: normal;</h4>
<p class="ex-1">This is a paragraph.</p>

<h4>word-spacing: 35px;</h4>
<p class="ex-2">This is a paragraph.</p>

<h4>word-spacing: 1cm;</h4>
<p class="ex-3">This is a paragraph.</p>



word-spacing: normal;

This is a paragraph.

word-spacing: 35px;

This is a paragraph.

word-spacing: 1cm;

This is a paragraph.

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