How to create the Gradient Text Effect in Photoshop?

To create the Gradient Text Effect in Photoshop follow the steps below and/or watch the video tutorial.

gradient text effect photoshop


Create a new document. Set the colour of your background layer and type your text.

gradient text effect photoshop


Right-click on the text layer and select the Blending Options.

gradient text effect

Go to Gradient Overlay:

gradient text effect

You can see your text with the gradient effect now:

gradient effect

In Gradient Overlay panel you can choose the already existing gradient or create a new one in the Gradient Editor.

gradient text
gradient text effect


Select or choose new colours and create a new gradient.

text effect photoshop

To create the gradient below I used three colours: #72a862, #2af598 and #05747b:

Watch also the video tutorial:

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