Custom Shapes in Photoshop: Star, Triangle, Heart & more

Some time ago I posted a tutorial how to make in easy way the Star shape and the triangle shape in Photoshop (to see the tutorial click here, or here to see the video tutorial), today I would like to show you the second way how to create fast shapes in Photoshop.

Shapes in Photoshop

Follow the easy steps below, and watch the video tutorial.


Open Photoshop and create a new document. In the top left corner set the stroke and fill of your star (if you want your star stroked/ filled).

Photoshop Shapes

Choose the Custom Shape Tool (U).

Phoshop Traingle Shape and Star Shape

Go to the center top of the program and click on the small settings icon.

Triangle shape Photoshop

On the drop-down menu click on Shapes.

Star shape Photoshop

Press Append.

Shapes in Photoshop

You can see now more shapes added in the custom shapes panel.

Custom shapes Photosop


Draw your selected shape:


Star shape in Adobe Photoshop


Custom Shapes Photoshop

HEART and more:

Heart Shape Photoshop

Watch also the video tutorial:

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