How to create a rainbow effect in Photoshop?

How to create a rainbow effect in Photoshop? It’s easy! Follow the steps below and watch the video tutorial.

Rainbow Effect in Photoshop

In the first part of this tutorial we’ll create the rainbow, and in the second part rainbow effect letters.

Step 1.

Create the new document, and by using Eclipse Tool draw seven circles in different colours.

Tip: Hold the shift key while drawing your circle and it will keep perfect proportions.

Rainbow effect Photoshop
rainbow Photoshop


On the layer panel, click on the eyeball to hide the background.

Rainbow in Adobe Photoshop

Hit the right mouse button on the first eclipse and select “Merge Visible“.

Rainbow Effect

You can notice the all seven circles merged in one layer (rainbow layer):

Rainbow Photoshop

Step 3.

Select the Magic Wand Tool and click on the eclipse in the middle of the circle.

Rainbow Effect Photoshop

and hit the delete key.

Rainbow Adobe Photoshop

Use Rectangular Marquee Tool and select around half of our circle and hit the delete key.

Rainbow Adobe Phtoshop
Rainbow in Phtoshop

Step 4.

By clicking the right mouse button on the rainbow layer choose Blending Options…

Rainbow in Adobe Photoshop

Tick Bevel & Emboss, and Contour. Change the Highlight Mode to Color Dodge:

Rainbow Photoshop
Rainbow Adobe Photoshop

Your rainbow is ready. Add background and style the image as you like.

Rainbow Adobe Photoshop

Let’s add some rainbow text to our rainbow image.


Create a new document, and draw colourful squares all over.

Rainbow text Adobe Photoshop


Go to Edit->Define Pattern…

Rainbow Text Effect Adobe Photoshop
Rainbow Text Photoshop

Step 3.

Use Horizontal Type Tool, choose the font and font size and type your text on your rainbow image:

Rainbow text effect Photoshop

Click by right mouse button on the text layer and select Blending Options…

Rainbow text

Select Pattern Overlay, click on Pattern and choose your new rainbow pattern.

Rainbow Effect Photoshop

Set the Scale to 35%:

Rainbow Photoshop

Select Bevel & Emboss, and Contour.

Rainbow Text Photoshop


Rainbow Text and Rainbow

Watch also the video tutorial:

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