How to make a sparkle brush in Photoshop?

Do you want to create your own sparkle brush? Follow the easy steps below and watch the video tutorial, and start styling your pictures!

Photoshop Sparkle Brush

Let’s start!

Step 1.

Create a new document. Set the size 200px x 200px and make sure the background color is white.

Step 2.

Go to the Brush Tool, set the foreground color to black. Select the “Star 70px” brush and add a few sparkles.

Adobe Photoshop Sparkle Brush

Step 3.

Go to the Brush Tool. Select the “Soft Round Pressure Opacity” brush. Set the size 17px and add more sparkles.

Sparkles photoshop

Step 4.

Go to the Brush Tool. Click on the right top corner of the brush panel and select Assorted Brushes and press Append.

Adobe Photoshop Sparkles

Step 5.

Go to the Brush Tool. Select the “Starburst-small” brush and set the size 50px, and add again more sparkles.

Step 6.

Go to Edit->Define Brush Preset.. and give the name of your new brush (for example – sparkle brush).

Step 7.

Open your picture in which you want to style and create a new layer. Set the color of the foreground to white.

Step 8.

Go to the Brush Tool, and click on Toggle the Brush Panel.

Photoshop Sparkle brush

Go to Shape Dynamics and set the Size Jitter control to Fade: 25.

Sparkle brush

Go to Brush Tip Shape and set the spacing to 50%.

Adobe Photoshop Sparkle Brush

Step 9.

Use your brush on the new layer and style your picture.

Sparkles Photoshop

Step 10.

Add some glow to your sparkles. Hit the right mouse button on your sparkle layer and select Blending Options…

Adobe Photoshop Sparkles

Go to Outer Glow, set the Opacity to 50%, and choose the glow color.

Sparkling brush Photoshop


Sparkles Adobe Photoshop

Watch also the video tutorial: