Adobe Illustrator

How to draw jellyfish in adobe illustrator?

In today’s tutorial, I’ll show you how to draw jellyfish in Adobe Illustrator in a few easy steps.

I’ll draw a jellyfish without using a drawing pad, using the basic tools of Adobe Illustrator. So even you are very beginner you shouldn’t have any problem with creating your own jellyfish.

You can also watch Video Tutorial!

If you watched my Photoshop Bubble brush tutorial you can combine your skills and create later amazing sea life scenery.

Let’s get it started!

Step 1.

Create a new document. Use the Rectangle Tool (M) and make a rectangle approx. 150px x 200 px.

Open a Gradient panel (Windows->Gradient) and set a color of the sliders which one you want to use to color your Jellyfish.

Step 2.

Go to the Effects->Stylize->Round Corners…and round the corners to 35 mm.

Use the Direct Selection Tool (A) and select the top anchor points of the shape and make the corners more rounded like on the picture below.

Step 3.

Create new layer. Use the Eclipse Tool (L) and make a 30px x 30px circle.

Make few more circles and set them under the first layer and move your new layer backwards (like on the picture below).

Step 4.

Create new layer. Use the Eclipse Tool (L) to make two 50px x 50px white circles and then two smaller in black.

Make another small circle for the mouth. Use Scissors Tool select the aside points of your circle and press cut to split the circle.

Step 5.

Let’s make the tentacles. Use the Line Segment Tool to draw straight line (tip: hold Shift when you drawing). Make it 12px thick.

Go to Effect->Distort & Transform->Zig Zag and set:

Size to 2px


Ridges per segment to 8

Points to Smooth

Step 6.

Set the tentacle in the right place and by using Duplicate “<Path>” option duplicate the path and create more tentacles.

Select all your layers holding Cmd key and in the layers panel on the top right choose the option Merge Selected.

Your Jellyfish is ready!

Watch also video tutorial: