How to make Water Effect inside a Light Bulb in Photoshop?

If you want to make a water effect, water splash inside a Light Bulb, this tutorial is for you. Follow the steps below and watch the video tutorial.

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What do you need to create Water Effect inside Light Bulb?

  1. Water Image
  2. Object Image which you want “put to the water” for example : Plant, Fish, Ship…
  3. Light Bulb Image

You can find free images in Internet (for example on Free Digital Photo, Free Images, Unsplash and much more…)

Step 1.

Choose your images (you can use mine) and remove the background from each picture.

Note: This tutorial has been made in Photoshop CS6.

To remove the background you can use Background Eraser Tool option, or/and Magic Wand Tool, or/and Pen Tool by making selections.

Step 2.

Go to File->New and create a new document, choose size which you like (for example 640 x 480px).

Set the background colour of the document and drag the Light Bulb image. Hold shift key set the size of your Light Bulb.

Tip. Holding shift key not constraining proportions when resizing your image.

Step 3.

Create new layer. Go to Layer->New->Layer Via Copy, then select your new layer and go to Edit->Free Transform.

Click the right mouse button and select Flip Vertical. Move your new layer down like in the picture below.

In the layers panel set the opacity of your layer to 40%.

You can use Eraser Tool (select first one from the top) to blur a bit the edges.

Step 4.

Now, we are going to remove the inner parts of the Light Bulb. Go back to the light bulb layer and choose the Pen Tool.

Using the Pen Tool make a patch around the inner part but do not close it. Press right mouse button and select Fill Path.

Use Color… and choose in the Color Picker white colour and click Okay.

Right mouse button click and select Make Selection. Press Okay and click once on the screen to deselect the selection.

Go to the Stamp Tool and choose Clone Stamp Tool (first from the top).

Hold down Alt key and click to select a source point to clone from. Release the Alt key and move the cursor over to the point that you wish to clone to, and click or drag with the mouse until you’ll clean the inner area of light bulb.

Step 5.

Drag the water image on your light bulb layer. Use Shift key to set the size of the water.

Go to Eraser Tool (select first of the top) and start carefully erase the water from the light bulb edges. Try to clean your picture very precisely.

Go to Image->Adjustments->Color Balance… and by using this tool you can change the hue/ saturation of your water image.

Step 6.

Drag your object image on the light bulb layer to fit it inside (using the Shift key).

Now, go to the water layer and use right button of the mouse and press Duplicate Layer… move the new layer on the top of layer panel and change the opacity to 40%.


Watch video tutorial: