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HTML List Tags


addressinformation on the author
articleself-contained content
asidecontent aside from the content it is placed in
blockquotelong quotation
canvasis used to draw graphics, on the fly, via scripting
dddefinition description
divgeneric container (block)
dldefinition list
dtdefinition term
fieldsetform control group
figcaptionspecifies a caption for a <figure> element
figuredefines self-contained content, like illustrations, diagrams, photos…
footerspecifies a footer for a document
formcreate an HTML form for user input
h1-h6six levels of headings
headerrepresents a container for introductory content or a set of navigational links
hrhorizontal rule
maindefines the main content of a document
navspecifies a set of navigation links
noframesalternate content for non-frame-based rendering/ Not Supported in HTML5 / Use the <iframe> tag instead.
noscriptcontent when scripts disabled
olordered list
prepre-formatted text
sectionspecifies a section in a document
ulunordered list
videois used to embed video content in a document


a      anchor (or link)
acronymacronym (UNO, NATO,…)
bbold text
bdoI18N BiDi over-ride
biglarge font
brforced line break
buttonpush button
citecitation or reference
codecomputer code
iitalic text
iframeinline subwindow
imgembedded image
inputform control
kbdtext to be entered by the user
labelform field label text
mapclient-side image map
objectgeneric embedded object
outputis used to represent the result of a calculation
qshort inline quotation
sampsample output from scripts
scriptscript statements
selectoption selector
smallsmall font
spangeneric container (inline)
strongindicates stronger emphasis
textareamulti-line text field
timespecifies a specific time
ttteletype or monospaced text
varan instance of a variable or program argument


captiontable caption
coltable column
colgrouptable column group
table table element (block)                              
tbodytable body
tdtable data cell
tfoottable footer
thtable header cell
theadtable header
trtable row


<!–…–>comment tag
areaimage map area      
audioembeds sound content in a document
basedocument base URI                                
bodydocument body
datalistdefines a list of pre-defined options for an <input> element
deldeleted text
detailsdefines additional information that the user can open and close on demand.
framesubwindow/ Not Supported in HTML5 / Use the <iframe> tag instead.
framesetwindow subdivision/ Not Supported in HTML5 / Use the <iframe> tag instead.
headdocument head
htmlroot element
insinserted text
legendfieldset legend 
lilist item
linkmedia-independent link
metageneric metainformation
optgroupoption group
optionselectable choice
paramnamed property value
picturedefines image resources
stylestyle info
sourcedefines multiple media resources
summaryspecifies a visible heading for the <details> tag.
titledocument title

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