How to create Bubbles in Photoshop?

How to create Bubbles in Photoshop? That’s easy! Using this tutorial you’ll learn how to create  own bubble brush. Let’s get it started!

fish and bubbles
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Follow the steps below, and watch the video tutorial.

Note: In this video, like in the tutorial on my web page I worked in Photoshop CS6 (this is my first video tutorial, so please bear with me).

Step 1: Create a new document.

Create a new document (the width 600px and the height 600px) with the background content- white.

Step 2: Draw the shape of the bubble.

Select an elliptical marquee tool. Drag a selection on the panel, which will become our basic shape of the bubble.

Tip: Holding the shift key makes the perfectly round shape of the bubble.

Step 3: Create a new layer.

In the layer menu on the top of the screen choose New, and then choose Layer Via Copy. On the layers panel, click on our new layer by right mouse button and choose Blending Options.

Step 4: Inner Glow.

The layers styles appeared. In the layers styles dialog box select the Inner Glow option and change the Blend Mode to Multiply. Click on the color swatch below and change the color to black from the color picker. Set the element size to around 40px.

Step 5: Gradient Overlay 

Add Gradient Overlay. Click on the Gradient preview bar and select black to white gradient (3rd in the row). Change the style to Radial and click on the black spot and then drag it to the left top. Click Okay.

Step 6: Select the brush

Set your brash to the soft round (first brush) and the size around 100px. Create a new layer and make a dot. Go to the Filter menu and select Distort, and then Twirl. Set the angle and click Okay. Adjust new shape as you like.

Step 7: Almost ready!

From the Edit menu select Define Brush Preset and give it the name…and Voila! You can use your new bubble brush.

Tip: Go to the Window panel and open Brush panel, you can adjust the shape, or position of your bubbles. Change the brush color to white and start creating 🙂