How to add a GIF into iMovie?

If you having trouble putting your GIF into iMovie this tutorial is for you! That’s really easy. You can watch the video tutorial, or just follow the steps below to learn how to add GIFS into iMovie. 

imovie gif

Step 1:

Put your GIF on the desktop and start it playing. Then, open the Quick Time Player and hit New Screen Recording.

A little box will pop up with the red dot in. 

Step 2:

Click on the dot and select your GIF (mark the shape) to record.

Step 3:

Now you can start recording your GIF. After the time which has been chosen by you, you can stop recording by clicking the dot on the top of the screen.

or by clicking on the Quick Time Player icon and press Stop Screen Recording.

And Final Step 4:

Save your new Quick Time Player file and then drag it to iMovie. Below you can find also my video tutorial. Hope you’ll find it helpful. Enjoy! 

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